Digital Maturity Impact on People Explained

Digital Maturity Impact on People Explained

Every organization must be able to constantly improve its employee productivity, team collaboration and remote work culture in order to stay competitive, grow and become more profitable.

Without effective communication, getting the important things done with great team work even companies with the best products can go out of business. That is why the first major pillar of Digital Maturity is the impact on People.


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Digital Maturity Model

Digital Transformation plays a major role in enabling individuals and teams to communicate better, become more productive and access the resources quicker. 

The three categories of People Component are Employee Productivity, Team Collaboration and Remote Work ReadinessDigital Transformation can improve these critical digital capabilities with a high return on investment. 

digital maturity impact on people

digital transfromation - people - team collaborationEffective Team Collaboration is important in order to promote innovative ideas, engage employees, run more productive meetings and keep top talent. 

The challenge is to handle the complexity of omnichannel communication, project work, processes and remote access. 

The main areas of potential improvement:

  • Communication – Effective internal and external communication 
  • Information Exchange – Quick, secure and efficient access to information 
  • Team Work  Effective collaborative work on processes and projects 
  • Remote Access – Quick and effective work inside and outside the office

Improvement on these can result:

  • Better Decisions  more information from systems and people leads to better decisions 
  • Motivated Employees – proper and effective social interactions boost motivation 
  • Innovative Ideas  engaging communication sparks the best ideas 
  • Problem Solving – find and solve problems quicker

Recommended Digital Transformation Discovery Project:

Team Collaboration Improvement Discovery Workshop 

  • email 
  • meetings 
  • instant message 
  • video conference 
  • document management 
  • teamwork applications 
  • MS Teams / Sharepoint

digital transfromation - people - employee productivity

Productive employees are important in order to get things done, do more proactive work, increase the quality of work and get better accountability. 

The challenge is to help each employee with best practices, systems, solutions, processes and technologies to enable productivity in different personalities and roles. 

The main areas of potential improvement:

  • Personal Productivity  Effective and quality work 
  • Time Management – Effective management of time and schedules 
  • Priorities – Effective self-management and decision making 
  • Self-Improvement – Continuous learning and development 

Improvement on these can result in:

  • More things to get done – less busywork and spinning wheels  
  • More proactive work – less reacting to outside forces but more planned execution 
  • Less procrastination – more focus and less distraction  
  • More productive team collaboration – individual effectiveness leads to team effectiveness 
  • Increased accountability  better planning, expectations and quality of work 

Recommended Digital Transformation Discovery Project:

Personal Productivity Improvement Discovery Workshop 

  • Email management 
  • Calendar Management 
  • Taks Management 
  • Project Management 
  • Productivity Applications 
  • File and Document Management 
  • MS 365 / Teams Adoption 

digital transfromation - people - remote work readinessRemote Work Readiness is important in order to enable productive, distractionfree and healthy work from outside of the office or from home.  

The challenge is to make sure that the remote work infrastructure is adequate, the culture supports healthy work/life balance and the individuals are accountable. 

The main areas of potential improvement:

  • Equipment – Working environment promoting effective work 
  • Accountability – Effective goal setting, measurement and reporting 
  • External Collaboration – Effective collaboration with partners, vendors and clients remotely 
  • Culture – Best Practices to build an effective remote work culture 

Improvement on these can result in:

  • Increased focus and deep work  do more quality work 
  • Increased productivity – do more in less time 
  • Engaged Employees – work/life balance and lifestyle choices 
  • Keep and attract top talent  modern ways of working 
  • Flexible work schedules – lifestyle options to offer 

Recommended Digital Transformation Discovery Project:

Remote Work Improvement Discovery Workshop 

  • Office quality work at home or in the field 
  • Remote work policies and compliance 
  • Remote work best practices 
  • Data access and management across multiple devices 
  • Use of mobile devices 
  • Enhanced remote work security measures 
  • MS 365 / Teams 


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After more than a decade of providing infrastructure, software development and time/materials services, Jeremy noticed a shift in how technology was impacting his clients. More clients began to ask business questions and wanted to discuss business strategy instead of IT topics. That shift is why we began offering a framework to manage IT better from the business side of the equation.

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