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Your Certified Digital Advisor in the Salisbury, Maryland area – Jeremy Heslop

Jeremy Heslop – Certified Digital Advisor 

Salisbury, Maryland

“Helping companies tame complex IT to become more productive.”

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Jeremy Heslop, President, opened OmniTechPro’s doors in 2004 when he identified a need for small businesses to implement Information Technology with a high level of reliability. He found that success could easily be had by working closely with the clients to fill their business needs, rather than just computer needs, and by implementing the right technology for the right reasons.

After more than a decade of providing infrastructure, software development and time/materials services, Jeremy noticed a shift in how technology was impacting his clients. More clients began to ask business questions and wanted to discuss business strategy instead of IT topics. That shift is why we began offering a framework to manage IT better from the business side of the equation.


Specialties: Executive and Strategic Leadership • Operations and Functional Management • P&L Management • Business Analysis • Product Design & Development • Project Portfolio Management • Project Recovery • Quality Assurance Management • Process & Product Implementation • Process Improvement • Systems and Data Center Management • Risk Analysis • Client Relations • Account Retention • Project Management Office • Regulated Environment Management

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