From Confusion to Clarity

From Confusion to Clarity

Even very successful organizations have points where they cannot break through. Operation is smooth but sales is not coming, they are growing but cannot be profitable enough or simply the managers cannot let go off the vine and they cannot scale.  

Most of those fundamental business barriers are a result of a lack of a certain business capability. Sales capability, operation capability or managerial capability for the examples above. All these capabilities are relying on People (the employees fulfilling those roles)Processes (blueprints and procedures to do in order to reach goals) and Technology (applications, systems, reports etc. to actually do the work). 

Knowing what to fix creates an enormous confusion internal an organization that leads to all kinds of problems. Lack of direction, not sure whether need to hire a better employee, fix a business process or the systems are not good. 

Based on the day-in-day out realities, most of the time People and Processes are therePeople are smart and they know what to do but things break down on the execution levelThe sales team cannot put together the quote quick enoughthe information is not getting to the right peopleand the people are overwhelmed by emails, chat and tasks.  

That means the digital technologies itself are not supporting those business capabilities. This is a result of the constant failures of critical Business – Technology projects such as a CRM implementation for Sales, ERP implementation for operation or any executive reporting system. These critical Business – Technology projects are called “Digital Transformation” or Dx projects. 

These failed projects the results ultimately the lack of sales, broken internal operation, the inability to forecast cash-flow quickly or management frustration of overwork. 

Where to go from here? 


Get your Digital Transformation Action Plan and
Turn your technology into a competitive advantage


Digital Transformation (Dx) Journey 

You might recognize now that even the term Digital Transformation was not clearly defined for you prior, you and your organization have been going through this transformation for a decade. No matter where your organization is in the Digital Transformation journey it can be identified and set in the right direction. 

It is not about how profitable your organization, how much time do you have, what is your industry or how you use technology. Each and every organization can benefit to understand where they are (Digital Maturity Readiness), create a course of action (Digital Maturity Action Plan) and focus on solving at least one business capability problem (Digital Maturity Quick Win). After they see success, they can start a strategic approach to improve more business capabilities (Digital Maturity Strategic Plan) and to execute those projects one at a time (Digital Maturity Execution) in order for continuous improvement. 

These activities can be linked together and act as a Journey to get from Confusion (lack of direction) to Clarity (measurable return on digital transformation). 

The Digital Transformation Journey has been designed for Small and Medium Businesses. Unlike midmarket and enterprise organizations these organizations typically have an owner-operator model, with line managers and outsourced IT provider.  

That means the typical small and medium organizations lack one or more of the following: 

  • the expertise and human resources to handle these activities inhouse  
  • the financial resources to hire expensive consultant companies 
  • the blueprints, processes and frameworks to make it simple 

digital transformation journey

5 Steps of Digital Transformation Journey 
–  Confusion to Clarity 

Step 1. Digital Transformation Readiness  

The first priority is to understand the business goals, the bottlenecks and what is preventing the organization to reach their goalsThis stage the advisor is focusing on the big picture and identify the what would be the focus of the next steps. 

The Business Improvement Review session is a one-hour fixed engagement that provides you a Business Improvement Readiness Quick Score and resources to start your Guided or Self Improvement Journey.  

The result is making sense of digital transformation and understanding what’s the best way to proceed. 


Step 2. Digital Transformation Action Plan 

The second step is to do a more in-depth assessment and try to understand the root of the problems and to generate an action planThe used Digital Maturity Assessment questionnaire, interview and action plan process helps to save time dramatically to get tangible results quickly. 

The Digital Maturity Assessment is a three, 90-minute fix engagement that provides you a Digital Maturity Score, Benchmark, Action Plan and detailed scopes of the projects. 

The result is a clear course of action to increase productivity and growth. 


Step 3. Digital Transformation Quick Win 

The third step is to start addressing the bottlenecks one step at a time. The Dx Discovery Workshops are designed to get the required information from all sources, understand the issues, align the team and set direction.  

The Digital Transformation Discovery Workshop is a two, 120-minute group sessions with multiple 1-1 sessions that provides you a clear path to solve the bottleneck with a Project Vision, Timeline and Execution Plan. 

The result is a complete executable project plan to solve a particular business problem. 


Step 4. Digital Transformation Strategic Plan 

After getting momentum and started to unlock business capabilities most organizations are looking for strategic plan. It helps them to decide not only the next bottlenecks but in a longer term how to develop more and more capabilities over time in order to get sustainable competitive advantage. 

The Digital Transformation Planning Workshop is a set of several group and 1-1 sessions that provides a written Dx Vision Statement, Dx Strategy Map, Dx Roadmap and Dx Execution Plan.  

The result is a blueprint for a sustainable competitive advantage. 


Step 5. Digital Transformation Execution 

After obtaining a Strategic Plan it is high time for diligent execution with accountability. The Digital Transformation Services helps the organization to lead the team, organize activities, get projects done and achieve measurable goals. 

The Digital Transformation as a Service is a sets of continuous annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly activities defined based on the plan, resources and the organization.  

The result is a measurable results of digital transformation. 


Put all this together 

If you are experiencing business capability challenges – growth, productivity, profitability or competitive. This might be due to an unresolved a business – technology area (failed digital transformation). There is a predictable journey for small and medium size businesses starting with a Dx Readiness leading to a direction and clarity. 


Paul Carlisle – Certified Digital Advisor in the Richland, Washington State area

Paul Carlisle – Certified Digital Advisor Richland, WAWith twenty years in the industry and strong business acumen, Paul assists organizations in their transition to new stage of maturity. As a recognized university professor and award-winning community leader, he has a unique talent to simplify core business principals into accessible, results-driven strategy.

More than just planning, he has a track-record of seamless execution of technical change for organizations small to multinational.

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