3 Secrets for Effective Meetings

How to turn your meetings from dull to dynamic

It is not that complicated: You need a better meeting process to have better meetings.

Watch this interview with the Master of MeetingsSam Shargo, and you will be amazed at how quickly you can transform your meetings from dull to dynamicYou will learn an easy to follow formula guaranteed to make your meetings more productive. Watch as Sam lays out the framework for productive meetings and learn: 

  • How to identify exactly who should attend a meeting 
  • Exactly what to do before every meeting 
  • How to set objectives and create agendas 
  • The critical roles of people in the meeting 
  • How to properly conclude a meeting 
  • What to do after any meeting 

Do you ever find yourself:

  • Wondering why there are so many people in the meeting? 
  • Hoping a meeting gets cancelled because you find it a waste of time?  
  • Unsure how to create an agenda that supports the objective? 
  • Worried your team thinks your meetings are disorganized  and too long? 
  • Uncertain about the proper structure for productive and effective meetings? 

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    An easy to follow process:

    • Identify all pre-meeting requirements 
    • Determine mandatory attendees 
    • Manage scorecards and dashboards 
    • Follow end of meeting process 
    • Execute post meeting action items 
    • Measure your progress 
    • Putting it all Together - What do I do next?

    Your Certified Digital Advisor in the New York Area – Sam Shargo

    Your Certified Digital Advisor in the New York area – Sam ShargoSam’s lifelong passion for technology, growth and entrepreneurial spirit helps him drive innovation with his clients. He is serious about implementing the company’s vision. His core values of Drive, Integrity, and Mindfulness are evident in his work as he leads clients on a transformational journey to be better and achieve more. 

    Sam’s passions include: 

    – Solving business challenges through innovative technology solutions 
    – Leading organizational change 
    – Developing others and enabling them to achieve success


    Specialties: Executive and Strategic Leadership • Operations and Functional Management • P&L Management • Business Analysis • Product Design & Development • Project Portfolio Management • Project Recovery • Quality Assurance Management • Process & Product Implementation • Process Improvement • Systems and Data Center Management • Risk Analysis • Client Relations • Account Retention • Project Management Office • Regulated Environment Management

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